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Hi, I am Meagan, the founder of Black Supermamas.


My journey to create this space began one year after I welcomed my first son into the world. My transition into motherhood was set against the backdrop of George Floyd's tragic murder, the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic, and the growing awareness of the Black maternal health crisis.


As a Black woman and mother during those challenging times, I also found myself navigating the complexities of new motherhood. It was undeniably emotional, isolating, and exhausting.

Rather than continuing to search for a space where I could open up about the realities of motherhood while feeling truly represented as both a mother and a Black woman, I decided to create that space myself.


My vision for Black Supermamas is to provide a safe, authentic, and supportive space where we come together and share our experiences. A space where the color of our skin is not a barrier but a bridge that connects us to other black mothers who share similar journeys and challenges.


Motherhood is not meant to be done alone. Remember, you matter here. Your voice, your experiences, your presence—they all matter. Together, we are redefining the narrative of motherhood as we uplift one another. 

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